Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is mainly based on the value of the property as collateral and typically you can get a loan up to 75 percent of the property value. If you are tight on schedule and looking for a quick loan process with minimum paperwork, hard money loans are the way to go as they are almost the same as you purchasing with cash. Although hard money loans have higher interest rates and fees compared to conventional loans, they provide a valuable option when circumstances drive needs that cannot be served through traditional channels.

We offer hard money loans rangeing from $35,000 to $6,000,000. Generally, terms vary from 6 tp 36 months, with options for subsequent permanent financing if necessary.

Hard Money Lending Tips

  • Look for the best combination of interest rate and terms
  • Deal with professionals that will deliver the services you need
  • Do you research on initial payment terms
  • Carefully review prepayment terms

If you have a commercial financing need, Our company has a program for you. Whether you desire to purchase, refinance, or construct a commercial building, we are your best source for financing.

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